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BOMB CUP! written by rvg, 2010-09-18 21:57 CEST (4 comments)


Thanks to:
-Jehar of http://tastyspleen.tv/ [tastyspleen.tv] for shoutcasting!
-h1o for his altruistic personality and effort which made this cup a success!
-tongue, crizis and overactive for helping me with the cup!
-Iceman for promoting!

Final standings:
2nd L!N
3rd k_:)
4th BMS

VOD (from Grandfinal):
http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/10268379 [ustream.tv]

Demopack (All matches):
http://padpork.warsow-esport.net/b/ORDE [padpork.warsow-esport.net] … MOPACK.rar


Cause of few teams being able to play on Friday and Saturday, I've decided to delay the cup till Sunday, 17th of October.

The scheduele:

All times in CET

If 8 teams:

Groupstage (Bo1)
15:00 Match 1
15:45 Match 2
16:30 Match 3

Finals (Bo3)
17:30 Semifinal 1
18:30 Semifinal 2
19:30 Bronzefinal
20:30 Grandfinal

If less than 8 teams:
Double elimination with bo3 in Winnerbracket
and bo1 in Loserbracket. Start time 15:00.
Grandfinal will be a single BO3 match.

Signups will be open till 14:30 @ Sunday.

Hi, we in Order are arranging a BOMBCUP from 15th to 17th of October (Friday to Sunday)
Hopefully as many as possible will compete, and we encourage nation teams, clans and mixes to participate!

http://order-cup.tourney.cc/ [order-cup.tourney.cc] (Design will be updated!)

The cup will consist of a groupstage on Friday and Saturday, and a playoff at Sunday.
There will be four groups, each group will consist of four teams.
The two best teams in each group will go further to the playoff.

All matches have to be played on designated servers by crizis. This to prevent any sort of server conflict and to make it more spectator-friendly.

Signups will end, and check-ins will start, at 17:30 on Friday the 15th of October.
Atleast one player from each team needs to be in #order.cup @ quakenet atleast 15 mins before the match. (if you don't have an irc-client, use http://webchat.quakenet.org/ [webchat.quakenet.org] )

General rules:
Gametype: Bomb 5v5
Scorelimit: 16
Roundlimit: 15
Map pool: downtown, emtown, reactors_2, shepas, wbomb1

Format: Bo1
Map selection: Elimination L-W-L-W (Cointoss Loser eliminates first, then Winner...)
Cointoss Loser decides which side they want to start on.

Format: Bo3
Map selection: Cointoss loser picks map first, then winner picks next map.
-The team which did not pick the map, decides which side they want to start on.
-In case of draw (1-1 in maps), there will be a cointoss, the loser will eliminate one of the remaining three maps.
The winner will then choose between the remaining two maps. Loser decides side.

Map downloads:
downtown: http://padpork.warsow-esport.net/mirror [padpork.warsow-esport.net] … wn_017.pk3
emtown: http://padpork.warsow-esport.net/mirror [padpork.warsow-esport.net] … wn_004.pk3
reactors_2: http://padpork.warsow-esport.net/mirror [padpork.warsow-esport.net] … _2_004.pk3
shepas: http://padpork.warsow-esport.net/mirror [padpork.warsow-esport.net] … as_010.pk3

rvg @ http://www.warsow.net/ [warsow.net] or #order.cup @ quakenet.

http://order-cup.tourney.cc/ [order-cup.tourney.cc]

If you are looking for a team/mix, #warsow #warsow.pickup and #order.cup will be good places to look, as well as this forum.

There will also be a PICKUP @ #order.cup @ 19:00, Thursday 14. October, for those who want to participate, but doesn't have a team yet.

warsow.net thread: http://www.warsow.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=1101651367#p1101651367 [warsow.net]
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